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Rice Bran Solubles - Soluble Rice Bran

If you do not need full solubility, then save with Riceplex FIBER Here

Discover The Benefits of Riceplex Stabilized Rice Bran Solubles

The Highest Quality and Trusted Rice Bran Solubles

Why include RICEPLEX™ Soluble Rice Bran in your daily diet?

Because You Are Not What You Eat. You Are What You Absorb!

Riceplex™ SRB is essentially pre-digested, so it is very easy for your body to absorb all of the high-quality, plant-based nutrition.

The Riceplex™ SRB Benefits:

  • Increases Your Energy Levels 
  • Impressive Nutrient Profile 
  • Concentrated Nutrition 
  • Potent Antioxidant Compounds 
  • Gluten-Free food 
  • Polyphenols, polysaccharides and phospholipids 
  • Supports Your Immune System 
  • Natural B-complex vitamin source 
  • Wide range of macro and trace minerals 
  • Supports Normal Glucose Levels 
  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 
  • Rich in Phytonutrients 
  • Low Glycemic Index (below 55) 
  • Virtually pre-digested making it easily absorbed 

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What does RICEPLEX™ Rice Bran Solubles taste like? 

Being a grain product, you will find a slightly sweet, toasted cereal flavor. When made into a rice-milk beverage, you'll find it similar to the milk at the bottom of your cereal bowl.

RICEPLEX™ SRB is made from the soluble fraction of stabilized rice bran.

How do you consume RICEPLEX™ Rice Bran Solubles in your daily diet?

  1) Mix 4-5 ounces of water with each Tablespoon of powder (1 or 2 soons is enough per serving)
  2) Stir briskly (and a fork works better if you're not using a mixer.)
  3) Let mix sit to allow the powder to fully dissolve, resulting in a 'rice-milk'.

 Treat your body to one or two glasses each day ... and feel the difference.

If you are planing on using stabilized rice bran as an ingredient in a healthshake/smoothie, you may want to consider using Riceplex FIBER. While this version does not fully dissolve in water, this is less of an issue when part of a shake, and it cost significantly less, while maintaining a strong nutrient profile.

Want More Ways to Include RICEPLEX™ SRB in Your Daily Diet?

  • Sprinkle over hot or cold cereals
  • Mix into yogurt
  • Stir into your ice cream
  • Blend into your shake/smoothie
  • We're sure you can come up with many more ways.
Riceplex, Really Feed Your Body! 

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