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Marine Phytoplankton Powder - Organic
Marine Phytoplankon Powder

Marine Phytoplankton is considered to be one of the most powerful foods on Earth. Why? Well, we'll get to that in a moment. First let's talk about what marine phytoplankton is.

It is a tiny little plant (about the size of a red blood cell) that naturally grows in the ocean and is the beginning of the food chain. All living creatures in the ocean feed on other living things. And when you follow the chain all the way down, the last creature feeds on this little plant.

We offer the highest quality marine phytoplankton available and are confident that testing against any other material you may find, those test will confirm our quality.

For Bulk Orders (One Kilogram or more), Please call or email Michael Belini to discuss.
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Marine Phytoplankton powder is a highly pure, fine powder of the marine micro algae. A small single cell green micro-algae species that is rich in essential polyunsaturated fatty acids especially EPA, anti-oxidants, pigments, and vitamins. A special sanitary cultivation process utilizing closed cultivation systems, optimizes the growth conditions and ensures the high quality and pureness of the algae. Once freeze-dried, the fine powder is vacuum-packed immediately to preserve all constituents ensure a long lasting fresh quality.

Plankton are responsible for over 70% of the planet’s oxygen and because of its unique nutritional properties and microscopic size, it is believed to penetrate the cellular level of the body thereby enabling its unique nutritional features to quickly support proper cell and body functioning.

Pure powder, no fillers

No preservatives have been added. Purity and microbiologic safety of the product is assured by maintaining high sanitary levels both during cultivation and processing. Our premium grade food quality Phytoplankton Powder is dried, using advanced drying technology which sets the standard for food ingredient drying.  Our algae processing is done according to the DIN ISO 9001 : 2000 standards and is also HACCP certified.

Marine Phytoplankton is loaded with high-energy super anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and proteins in microscopic form.

A complete source of nutrition which includes:

  • proteins
  • vitamins
  • antioxidants
  • minerals
  • trace minerals
  • pytonutrients
  • essential fatty acids (including Omega-3)
  • and more

For those looking for marine phytopolankton containing Coenzyme Q9 (CoQ9), rest assured ours has it.   


Pouches may be opened by cutting between the seal and the zip lock and can easily be closed by closing the plastic zip lock manually. Well closed pouches can be kept in the refrigerator without attracting moisture. Best to use within 60 days once opened.

Note: Try mixing Marine Phytoplankton powder in water with some Pomegranite powder to make the taste mch less "marine-y".

Available in a variety of sizes:

 One Pound Pouch  $280  .......  30-gram Pouch   $35
 1/2 Pound Pouch  $175    50-gram Pouch  $50 
 1/4 Pound Pouch  $115    60-gram Pouch  $60
       100-gram Pouch  $100
       Capsules (90 Vegi-Caps @ 333mg ea)
 ***Pure Powder, No Additives***
Package Size

We suggest that you order no more than a 60 day supply maximum. This will help ensure that you are always utilizing fresh product.

Statements made by a few doctors working with marine phytoplakton:

+ Dr. Bob Rowe
+ Vince Ziccarelli MSc. RD FICN
+ Dr. Jerry Tennant, M.D.
+ Dr. Lisa J. Lundy, B.Sc., D.TCM
+ Hugo Rodier M.D.

Price: $ Varies by quantity.

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