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  Non-U.S. Customers:

   While we happily ship to destinations outside of the United States, shipping costs can be relatively high.

   When an international  order is placed, the shipping portion is not included with the total.
   We do this to allow us to determine the most efficient and economical method for shipping, based on weight and final destination of the  
   We then
check to see if the proposed shipping cost is acceptable.

The best choice for most  orders is the United States Postal Service.
Either the First Class International rate (weights below 4 pounds) or the International Priority rate (weights above 4 pounds) is almost always less expensive then UPS or FedEx.

You can use this tool to help estimate the cost: http://ircalc.usps.gov/
      (Please add 1/2 pound (225grams) for box weight)

Once notified of the shipping costs, you simply choose one of the following:

a) If you do wish to continue, simply email us back and we will email you an invoice for the shipping portion of your order.

b) If you would like to not continue, we fully understand, just let us know, and we will have your  full payment refunded back to you.

We appreciate your understanding.


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