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Contact Us

Contact Phone Numbers 
  Customer Relations & Order Line  
   (609) 910-1772  M-F 9:30a-4:30p EST
  Main Office  
   (609) 516-4187  M-F 9:30a-4:30p EST

 Contact Emails

  Customer Relations  
   Michael Belini   mbelini@riceplex.com
   Lisa Haines   lhaines@riceplex.com
   Thomas Belini   tbelini@riceplex.com
  Order Fulfilment (Sales)  
   Lisa Haines   sales@riceplex.com
  Wholesale Inquiries  
   Michael Belini  mbelini@riceplex.com
   Anthony Becker  abecker@riceplex.com
   Thomas Carlucci  tcarlucci@riceplex.com
  Commercial customers and formulators that need bulk quantities of our rice bran offerings, please contact mbelini@riceplex.com to discuss your specific needs.

Mailing Address

     Riceplex Global, Inc.
     PO Box 388
     New Gretna, NJ 08224

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