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Cha de Bugre Powder  - The secret to a "Brazilian Body"
Cha de BugreOur raw Cha de Bugre powder has been used for year in Brazil for its outstanding weight loss and health benefits. Because it naturally fights hunger, people feel more satisfied eating smaller amounts of food and craving less fatty, sugary foods.

Raw Cha de Burge can increase circulation which battles cellulite and naturally eliminates excess fluid from the body by breaking down fatty acids. Cha de Burge is a natural stimulant used to increase energy and mental alertness without any jittery side effects. It satisfies hunger allowing one to enjoy more frequent, smaller meals. By eating smaller amounts, it is easy to boost metabolism and stimulate weight loss by reducing caloric intake and burning calories all day long! Cha de Bugre is extremely beneficial for dieters trying to control their portion size.

Raw Cha de Bugre can boost the immune system supporting healthy digestion, liver and kidney and colon functions. This can be helpful to those suffering with kidney stones or gout. Cha de Burge is also great for your skin and can clear up your complexion! Due to its ability to promote healthy skin regeneration, it has been used as to alleviate external wounds. New research has shown that Cha de Bugre could possess anti-viral qualities and is commonly used to fight the herpes virus reducing outbreaks with regular use. It has also been said to that Cha de Bugre can strengthen the heart.

Some possible benefits of our raw Cha de Bugre powder may include:

● Weight loss
● Appetite suppressant
● Toning cellulite
● Strengthening the heart function
● Fighting herpes virus
● Diuretic properties
● Natural stimulant
● Promoting healthy skin
● Killing viruses
● Combating Rheumatism
● Promoting healthy liver & kidney function
● Suppressing coughs

Try our Cha de Bugre powder to stimulate your overall health while fueling energy, fighting hunger and enjoying a well balanced, portion controlled diet.

Our Cha de Bugre powder is cultivated with no chemicals or pesticides.

Suggested Use: Infuse 1 teaspoon into a tea and drink 30 minutes prior to a meal. Some people find Cha de Bugre to have a stimulative effect so it is best not taken before bed time.

Botanical Name: Cordia Salicifolia Cham

Other Names: Boid d'inde, Bois d'ine, Brazilian Diet Pill, Bugrinho, Cafezinho, Cafe de Bugre, Cafe do Mato, Cha-de-Negro-Mina, Cha de Frade, Claraiba, Coffee of the Woods, Coquelicot, Cordia Ecalyculata, Grao-do-Porco, Laranjeira-do-Mato, Louro-Salgueiro, Louro-Mole, Porangaba, Rabugem

Origin: Brazil

Price: $ 18.99  

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