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Catuaba Bark Powder -Wildcrafted
Catuaba BarkCatuaba Bark powder has become renowned for its ability to enhance libido and sexual desire. With numerous health benefits, Catuaba Bark enhances the immune and nervous systems of the body. The Catuaba tree is native to the forests of Northern Brazil. The first people to recognize the power of Catuaba Bark were the Tupi Indians of Brazil who brewed it in a tea as an aphrodisiac to enhance libido. However the indigenous tribe soon found that the bark of the Catuaba tree had multiple health benefits such as relieving pain, increasing energy, improving memory and fighting depression. The Tupi found the Catuaba so beneficial they sang songs of its powers, quickly spreading the word to the other tribes of Brazil. Now known globally as Brazillian Viagra, this sexual enhancement is a natural alternative to medical drugs which can have harmful side effects.

Catuaba Bark provides healthy genital functions in men and can normalize prostate function and improve the male reproductive system. A common saying of Brazilian tribes states that "Up to sixty years old, a fathers children are his own. After sixty, the children are Catuabas!" Catuaba bark is still found in Brazilian supermarkets today often infused in wine, very popular with young couples to keep their love lives spicy and their bodies healthy! Continuous use of Catuaba Bark has been known to create erotic dreams and heightened sexual experience and orgasm.

The list of medicinal uses for Catuaba Bark goes on and on. Catuaba naturally increases energy while stimulating the immune system. Well known for its analgesic qualities, Catuaba is also an anti-inflammatory and antiviral which can strengthen arteries and promote healthy circulation. With powerful flavanoids, tannins and phyto-chemicals Catuaba has superior antioxidant qualities. The bark of the Catuaba tree contains Erythoxilum, a potent antiviral and antibacterial alkaloid. Catuaba is a nervous system stimulant and has been beneficial against sciatica and other nerve conditions. Catuaba promotes an overall healthy mind fighting depression, calming the nerves, battling insomnia and increasing memory and focus.

Some of the possible health benefits of Catuaba Bark:

● Enhanced libido
● Boosts immunity
● Aphrodisiac
● Improved energy and stamina
● Heightened orgasms
● Beneficial against erectile dysfunction
● Relieves nerve pain
● Fights insomnia
● Calms nerves
● Increased memory and focus
● Anti-anxiety
● Fights dementia
● Normalize prostate function
● Antidepressant qualities
● Relieves exhaustion

Catuaba Bark is a natural sexual enhancement product that can boost energy, stamina and overall health for the body and mind. This secret of the Amazon is now available to you. Give our Wildcrafted Catuaba Bark powder a try!

Suggested Use: Mix 1 teaspoon with juice, yogurt or add to your favorite smoothie.

Botanical Name: Trichilia catigua

Other Names: Tatuaba, Chuchuhuasha, Caramuru, Pau de Reposta, Catuaba Casca, Golden Trumpet, Piratancara

Origin: Brazil - Wildcrafted

Price: $ 18.99  

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