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Acai Berry Powder 

Just $29 for a full One Pound Pouch of powder!
(One pound of powder is equivalant to 10 Bottles with 90 Capsules of 500mg each!) 
Acai berry powderThe Acai berry may be the number one superfood in the world. Acai is loaded with antioxidants, omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids which are rarely found in fruit. The berries also contain an optimal combination of essential amino acids, polyphenols and flavonoids as well as minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium and vitamins B1, B2, B3, C and E. This remarkably nutritious berry found in the Amazon Rainforest  gained notoriety when it was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Acai also contains the highest concentration of anthocyanins of any food. Anthocyanins have been shown to improve mental function, concentration, memory, and mental clarity. They are also known for improving capillary health which in turn helps with oxygen uptake and can reduce macular degeneration (vision loss due to aging). Due to their ability to protect the brain from free radical damage and their support of healthy, cellular tissue growth, anthocyanins are reputed to be one of the most valuable anti-aging antioxidants known.

The famous research regarding the "French Paradox" attributes anthocyanins as being the antioxidant that protects the French from heart disease. The French consume large amounts of coffee, nicotine, sugar, white flour and cheese and yet they have a relatively low incidence of heart disease compared to their neighbors in the UK and other European countries. The red wine grape, due to its anthocyanins is what is believed to be responsible for the low incidence of heart disease. The Acai berry has 30 times the anthocyanins levels of red wine.

Cancer, heart disease, and diabetes are all known to be metabolic diseases associated with aging. Supplying your body with quality anti-aging antioxidants contained in whole foods like our raw freeze dried Acai Berry Powder, along with a healthy diet, and exercise is your first line of defense.

Some possible benefits of our Freeze Dried Acai Powder may include:

● Being one of the world's most powerful anti-aging food
● Supporting healthy body weight
● High levels of antioxidants
● Improving mental function including concentration, memory, & mental clarity
● Supporting healthy blood sugar levels
● Reducing macular degeneration (vision loss due to aging)
● Improving energy levels
● Supporting healthy cholesterol levels
● Excellent source of natural fiber
● Supporting healthy cellular tissue growth
● Fighting against metabolic diseases
● Supporting capillary health which in turn helps with oxygen uptake
● Support for your skin, hair & nails

Suggested Use: Mix 1 teaspoon with juice, yogurt or add to your favorite smoothie. We recommend refrigerating this product to maintain freshness.

Botanical Name: Euterpe Oleracea

Ingredients: Organic Freeze Dried Acai Fruit Powder, contains a small amount of maltodextrin(<1%) to help prevent the powder from clumping or hardening.

Origin: Brazil

Price: $ 29.00     Packaged in a re-sealable one pound pouch.

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